The program "Welcome to the Married" deleted by TF1

The big question that the fans of the Welcome to the bride and groom program are currently asking themselves is whether the talented host Christophe Dechavanne is sanctioned or not. However, the latter's situation is not the best since he had to return to the surface of the stage. The decision taken by TF1 is somewhat surprising.

Expectations were not met by "Welcome to the bride and groom"

At the time on TF1, the great host managed to enthuse several fans of several seasons through his broadcasts. We should find her on a show on the main channel, however, she made an urgent decision. A few days before the program, the interesting "Welcome to the bride and groom" has been suspended since it was found that its success did not meet expectations and is not there. For more information, this.
This program proposed by Coyote thus goes by the wayside. And this event the fans to understand a little what is happening in the world of audio visual. Indeed, when the hearings are not those desired, the decisions which are taken afterwards are catastrophic. The chains therefore do not like spending astronomical costs while the expected results say other things. So, while Bienvenue à la couple did not respond to pre-established wishes and objectives, TF1 did not hesitate to cancel this program.

The unexpected surprise of Followers

Seriously, fans of this show got a nasty surprise because of the show's deletion. Instead, they were hoping for a TV movie, “Legacy of Shame,” which was programmed while the show's theme was fashionable.
However, the approach of the holidays announces good days for couples in engagement. Marriages would multiply in France. Thus, this program was well placed to inspire thousands of couples, nevertheless, TF1 wants to proceed differently.