Thailand modeling agent accused of child sexual abuse

In a bid to fight child sexual abuse, Thailand has nabbed a model agency for crimes relating to child porn. They worked with the US and New Zealand governments to nab the perpetrators. 

Child sexual abuse offender arrested in Bangkok 

A Thai modeling official has been accused by the police of various degrees of child abuse after 600,000 porn pictures were seen on his system. Danudetch Saengkaew 22 has been arrested and charged for downloading child abuse pictures and sexual abuse. 

Private investigators have insisted that the images were seen when a raid was carried out at the Nene modeling agency in Bangkok. Police officials said the arrest was the result of months of monitoring after being tipped off by the Australian police. Thai police said they are cooperating with the FBI and New Zealand police in this investigation. 

Other NGOs like the operation that underground railroad have been helping Thailand security forces to rescue sexually abused victims. According to a source in Bangkok, the Nene agency is known for modeling ladies in Thailand. “It is one of the most respected agencies in Bangkok.” 

Investigations have been on for months 

'This child abuse industry is what we have been monitoring for so long, and we have finally cracked.' said Khemachart Peakyhingmanee, a chief in the Director of State intelligence.  

Thailand has been fighting many cases of child abuse and trafficking for many years. Security officials have insisted that it is hard to track because they usually have insiders who tip them off whenever an investigation is going on. However, they have gotten new technologies and all the help from foreign agencies will make their work easier. The detained man has insisted he is not guilty of the crimes. 

Asian countries have seen a surge in child abuse crimes, particularly Thailand, Vietnam, and Hongkong. Child sexual crimes conviction could give an accused up to 15 years in jail.