KPI factors to consider for inbound call centers

In order for a call center to be able to handle large volumes of inbound calls and retain its customers over the long term. To do this successfully, you need to consider several factors. To find out if your call center is providing effective service, read this article.

Post-call work time

The time it takes an agent to complete a customer's request after a call is a key performance indicator. The agent who receives you may update your or the customer's profile or take notes on the reason for your contact or contact other agents regarding your request. kpis for call centers believes that this time should be decreased as much as possible to allow agents more time to answer other customer calls.

Degree of service

The degree of service measures the proportion of calls that are received and handled within a time margin. If you want to get the service level KPI, divide the number of calls that are handled by the number of calls received during the defined period and multiply it by 100. The higher the percentage you get, the higher the level and efficiency of the agent. This KPI indicator is excellent to know the productivity of the agents. It makes it easier for you to determine if agents have the right technology to answer calls as quickly as they come in. It also allows you to know if you need to start recruiting to add more agents, and to review the call canvas.

Average Handling Time

This AHT also called KPI orders the average time of calls and the time an agent does after the call to close the transaction. At the end of a call, the agent spends a given amount of time entering the customer's data into a CRM and right after that, he closes the customer file. This metric gives call centers a clear picture of how long it takes for agents to handle the number of inbound contacts. A long-term AHT can show which agents are spending enough time with customers and which are inefficient in terms of managing all inbound contacts. Reducing this KPI is necessary for the contact center.