Check your emails with CaptainVerify

CaptainVerify is a French solution to verify your email addresses and mobile numbers.  In short, it is an email checker that consists of identifying invalid or risky addresses.  Thanks to Captain Verify you can verify, clean and optimize your databases.  In the article below, you will discover the features as well as the advantages of the latter.

 What is CaptainVerify ?

CaptainVerify as its name suggests is a secure solution allowing the verification of your emails and mobile numbers.  Through this verification and this database cleaning, you can now improve your deliverability in order to best optimize your marketing techniques and uses.  Check out the site for more details on

 Massive and rapid verification of your emails

CaptainVerify offers a very easy service, especially for checking email in large numbers.  To do this, simply import your email database from a CSV file (encrypted via SSL).  Indeed, you have the possibility to import files with a maximum of 1 million lines.  You will then see that all emails are scanned and verified.

 Detect your email problems with CaptainVerify

CaptainVerify has the ability to detect issues with your emails as quickly as possible.  Among other problems we can cite : invalid addresses, incorrectly entered or misspelled, duplicates, hardbounces, NPAI but also spammeras and honeypots.  In addition, CaptainVerify relies on technologies such as MX, DNS and SMTP to detect whether an address is valid or not.

 Secure your data to guarantee your confidentiality

Regarding data privacy, CaptainVerify itself is a secure solution, no email addresses are shared with third parties or resold for commercial purposes.  Files are saved for 90 days, then automatically deleted from your account and CaptainVerify servers.

 A service to check all your mobile numbers

In addition to all these benefits mentioned, CaptainVerify also has a service to verify cell phone numbers.  This allows you to check the availability of mobile phone numbers before contacting them.  In addition, you can analyze your database thanks to the detailed statistics provided by the solution (valid or invalid, unknown, free, disposable, risky emails).  All these data therefore allow you to assess the quality of your database.  Note that CaptainVerify also has a free tool called Mail Tester to quickly verify an email address, without registration required.