Black owner of McDonald's takes the company to court for racism 

A franchise owner of McDonald's outlet has taken the firm to court for racial discrimination. He alleged that the firm supports white clients over black clients. 

McDonald is guilty of racial discrimination - Store owner 

An ex-basketball player who now owns chains of McDonald's outlets in the US has sued the food firm for racial discrimination. Herb Washington stated that the company usually denies black owners good opportunities that are available to white owners. 

These opportunities he said allows them to make more money than black owners. After raising concerns, he said McDonald's retaliated, which led to Financial challenges for his business. However, McDonald's has said its problems are related to financial mismanagement. 

Stating on Tuesday evening, the company said that after looking at the business model, they found several discrepancies and wouldn't want that type of partner. Mr. Washington started his first franchise in 1981 at 28 after playing briefly for Oakland Athletics. 

Mr. Washington says McDonald denied him Financial help because of race

He said the firm denied him financial aids and refused to allow him but outlets from a white owner. Despite the problems, he said he kept on doing business with them and was one of the company's best black operators with 28 outlets. However, as of today, he has just 15 stores. 

'' They have always promised to change their ways and I believed them, but it seems I was fooled and this is unfortunate ''

Since 2018, he stated that due to voicing his concerns the firm has marked him down and pushed his business out. He laughed off the company accusation that he can't manage his business finances, saying they won't have allowed him to remain with them over 35 if he wasn't making a profit. He has said he will keep pushing his case until something is done and believes the justice system will prove him right.